Donation from Imlek regarding the World Milk Day


Belgrade, June 1, 2020 – Imlek used the World Milk Day as an occasion to surprise its youngest consumers, and accordingly realized the donation of several tons of Moja Kravica products, milk, and chocolate milk, to the Institute for Mother and Child in Belgrade, Home for neglected children "Dushko Radovic" in Nis, Children's Village in Sremska Kamenica, as well as parental homes in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad, which are under the auspices of the organization NURDOR.

It is known that Imlek with the brand Moja Kravica pays special attention to the youngest, who has been entertained with milk packets for many years. Donations like this best reflect the basic goal of Imlek's socially responsible role, which is focused on ensuring the healthy and proper development of children. Following that, the World Milk Day was an ideal occasion for the donation of dairy products to institutions for neglected and sick children throughout Serbia, who unanimously and with a smile declared that Moja Kravica chocolate milk is their favorite drink.

"World Milk Day is an extremely important date for us, because then we have the opportunity, as a regional leader in the field of milk and dairy products, to remind the youngest and their parents of the importance of milk consumption. As Moja Kravica is a symbol of the carefree childhood of many generations, we try to pass this tradition on to future generations, and based on their smiles, I would say that we are doing well. In addition to the priceless joy on their faces, we are also pleased with the fact that our dairy products have a positive effect on the growth of their bones, teeth, but also cognitive functions, such as learning and memory. At Imlek, we want childhood to be the happiest and most carefree age, so we will try to improve that period of life for as many children as possible in the future", said Marija Malović, Imlek's regional communications, and corporate affairs manager.

In line with its socially responsible role, Imlek supported the most vulnerable during the most difficult days of the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to the donation of funds for the purchase of respirators, tens of tons of Moja Kravica milk and other dairy products were donated to clinical centers, hospitals, the “Crveni krst”, and the Food Bank. Assistance was not lacking in the countries of the region, where Imlek operates, and goods and medical assistance were sent to health institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Northern Macedonia, and Montenegro.

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