Balans+ sports adventure at Kopaonik


The traditional night ski cross race organized by the mountain rescue service has been held by the second time with the support of the Imlek company and it’s Balans+ brand.

By organizing this race, the mountain rescue service promotes safety, the significance of wearing protective gear, and educates about the proper behavior on ski trails. The competitors were supported through a heavy storm by the Balans+ brand, which promotes a balanced way of life, a balanced diet, and recreation. The Balans+ yogurt is recognized as one of the most effective and functional products, that regulates digestion and bloating with continuous use which significantly contributes to a balanced life and diet.

„We are proud to support this marvelous sports manifestation for the second year in a row with Balans+, that promotes safety, a healthy lifestyle, and fitness. A clinical study conducted by the KBC Bežanijska Kosa has tested 50 participants with functional disorders of the digestive tract and proved that the Balans+ yogurt regulates digestion after 10 days of continuous use. Thanks to a special combination of probiotic and fibers that have a good effect on the digestive tract, Balans+ aids digestion and speeds up the metabolism, which is especially significant for athletes and physically active people“, said Marija Malović, the regional manager of public relations at Imlek.  

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