Balans+ self-service bicycle stations across Serbia


Belgrade, March 27th, 2018 – Following the values of the Balans+ brand, Imlek has started a project of placing self-service stations across Belgrade, which will spread to other cities in Serbia during the year.

All cycling enthusiasts will be able to check their bicycles at the two Balans+ stations during their ride through Ada Ciganlija, to fix any potential issues and inflate the tires. Ada Ciganlija is recognized as one of the favorite cycling spots, a natural oasis for a quick escape from the city, which is why it became the first location to get the two self-servicing bicycle stations.

Any sporting activity, including cycling, has a positive effect on removing stress after countless tasks we have during the workweek. Besides that, a balanced and varied diet is of great importance for a healthy organism, which is why Balans+ wanted to give something special to people who do sports in Belgrade. Balans+ promotes a balanced lifestyle, fitness, and the importance of a good and balanced diet. Balans+ has been recognized as one of the most effective and well known functional products, which regulates digestion and bloating with continued use and significantly contributes to a balanced daily diet and life.

„Balans+ brand has been actively promoting a healthy lifestyle and fitness for years. This year, we decided to start a big project of placing self-servicing bicycle stations in a few locations in Belgrade and then in other cities in Serbia during the year. Asides from physical activity, a balanced diet is important for all the people who lead a healthy lifestyle, which is why the Balans+ yogurt represents an ideal choice. You need to find a balance for a quality life, and we will continue to fight for the right values in the future and healthy habits of our consumers“, said Marija Malović, the regional manager for public relations in Imlek.

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