Moja Kravica is the go-to choice for parents when it comes to their children’s diet that contributes to healthy growth and development. With the goal of making their consumers happy, Moja Kravica has prepared gifts – special milk glasses for a “good morning” and a “good night”.

These glasses comically illustrate why it is important for children to consume milk, especially in the mentioned occasions. To get one of these glasses, you need to buy 2 x1l of Moja Kravica milk and proceed to pick up the gift at the register. The glasses are available in all the Maxi and Shop&Go locations, and it lasts from 12.4 – 9.5.2018, or shorter depending on how long the supplies last.

Good morning glass:                                                           Good night glass:         


The first sip makes everyone stronger                       The first sip makes everyone stronger

Have another and jump up!                                        The second one starts the story,

Wave your arms like wings                                        The third one is accompanied by a fairytale,

The morning starts well with milk in a glass!              When you finish everything, it’s time for bed!

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