The yard in Institute for mothers and children was decorated


Belgrade, June 4th, 2019. – The staff of the Imlek company confirmed our socially responsible orientation once more. They made the yard more beautiful by putting up new benches, planting decorative flowers, cleaning, and putting up bins. The goal of this action was to preserve the environment and provide a more pleasant stay in the Institute for mothers and children that visit it.

“We are pleased to see that this great number of the staff of our company took part in this action and helped make the yard of the Institute more beautiful. By doing so, we provided a nice and safe space for parents and children that spend time at the Institute. The Imlek company puts great emphasis on  socially responsible and also environmental topics, as a big part of social responsibility, and by doing so we hope to show to a wider audience the importance of topics such as environmental protection.” Said Marija Malović, regional PR manager of Imlek company.

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