Moja Kravica thanks mothers


Continuing with the celebration of International Mother’s Day, the Imlek Company, on the Cvetni Trg in Belgrade, organized a manifestation under the name “Moja Kravica zahvaljuje majkama”.

This manifestation was enjoyed the most by the little ones and their mothers who had unique presents made for them specially for that occasion.  Those that were present were shown a documentary short film “Moja mama je najbolja mama na svetu” in which were shown children’s sincere testimonials about their love towards their mothers.

Moja Kravica is the right choice for everyone, especially the youngest ones, because it ensures healthy growth and development- and what is the most important- a healthy childhood. However, that is guaranteed only if we learn how to choose the right quality, which is why it is necessary from a young age to have the help of the only unconditional friend, our mother. For that very reason, the Imlek Company has decided to thank them, and together with the little ones show them how important they are.

“The hardest task for a mother today is to make the right choice for the child in the multitude of challenges that today’s life carries with it. With some things, the choice is easy: you are never too old for a mother’s support, as well as that you will never outgrow the top quality and full taste of the Moja Kravica milk, which preserves all the nutritious ingredients, ideal for a healthy diet of the mother as well as the child. The goal of today’s manifestation is to remind all our citizens how important and irreplaceable is the role of the mother in the life on every one of us, and at the same time to thank them for recognizing the Moja Kravica milk for the last decades as the right choice for children and their healthy growth”, said Marija Malović, Manager for Public Relations at the Imlek Company.

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