Moja Kravica Easter gifts


Belgrade, 24th April 2019. – In what is now becoming a traditional manifestation representatives of Imlek company, together with Belgrade City officials made Easter holiday special for kids from the Centre for babies, children, and youth in Zvečanska by preparing gift sets for them. Kids enjoyed the holiday spirit by painting eggs, through creative workshops and magic tricks show.

With most enjoyable Easter activity, painting eggs, gift sets with Imlek dairy products Moja Kravica chocolate milk, and Moja Kravica flavored milk that has all the necessary ingredients for kid's development, also put smiles on little ones faces.
Our goal was to make this day one of the most enjoyable days in our little friend's memory and that’s why every gift set also had Moja Kravica plush toy which was a real special treat for all the kids and they loved it the most.

  • As a brand that is synonymous with carefree childhood for decades, Moja Kravica wanted to make the Easter holidays more beautiful for children from Zvečanska. We are happy that the day we spent together and our milky gift sets will help them grow up as healthy and happy kids, and that we made memories of holiday spirit moments that are especially important in every kid's life. Socially responsible business, with a special focus on helping the little ones, is one the basis of the Imlek company, and that’s the reason why manifestations like this are the most enjoyable ones for us.” Said Marija Malović, regional PR manager of the Imlek company.

“Taking care of children and their needs is one of the top priorities of Belgrade City. It was my great pleasure to be here today in such a nice event and I would like to say big thank you to the Imlek company for donating gift sets to the Centre for babies, children, and youth in Zvečanska. I would also like to use this chance to invite all the socially responsible companies to take part in similar manifestations in a similar way as Imlek has helped similar causes for years now. Today we gathered here to mark the Easter holidays, but regardless of that, it is always the right time to organize the event that has the goal to help and support all those who need it. Each donation means a lot to these kids and brings back smiles on their faces. Centre for babies, children, and youth in Zvečanska has a long tradition of temporarily taking care of children of all ages without a parental guide. We shell keep putting our efforts in helping both financially and through  donations to the Centre for babies, children, and youth in Zvečanska and by doing so make  the accommodations and conditions for work for with children as good as possible because the progress and success of one society is best seen in the way it takes care of the youngest and oldest population.” Said Nataša Stanisavljević, city council for social protection of the Belgrade City.


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