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Belgrade, July 4, 2018 – The Imlek company delighted the children staying in the "Lastavica" kindergarten in Padinska Skela, by building an educational pavilion for outdoor learning and a mini amusement park where they will be able to play during the summer days. This action has enriched the space in which children spend the most beautiful days of their childhood, intending to make their stay in kindergarten as interesting and pleasant as possible. During the opening of the newly built playground, the little ones enjoyed their favorite flavors of Moja Kravica chocolate milk with strawberry flavor and Moja Kravica Junior milk.

"Through numerous investments, our company represents strong support for the development of the local community and contributes to a better quality of life, which is why this time we decided to donate the necessary furniture for children's play to the" Lastavica "kindergarten in Padinska Skela. Bearing in mind that the company's headquarters are located nearby, as well as our largest production plant, a large number of children of our employees attend this institution. We will continue to implement actions of a similar nature in the future, as we have done so far, which are primarily aimed at ensuring a carefree childhood and the health of children", said Marija Malović, Imlek's regional public relations manager.

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