istorijatAt the farm „Lepušnica“ in Glogonjski Rit (Glogonj swampy area) has been built the first reference dairy plant in PKB. That was the practical establishing of dairy industry Imlek. Around 800 cows gave daily between three and five thousand liters of milk which has been sent to the Belgrade market in metal buckets, by horse teams and tractors. 


UNICEF grants line for pasteurizing and bottling 30.000 liters of milk daily.  1963 Production exceeds 21 million liters a year.


Integration of “Gradsko Mlekarstvo Beograd” (City Milk Production Belgrade) has been performed by Imlek. Imlek system is joined by dairy plants in Kraljevo, Požarevac, Gornji Milanovac, Velika Plana, Šid and Belgrade. 

1977 - 1982

Annually in the Imlek plants between 140 and 160 millions of liters of milk are processed. 


AD Imlek and company Alfa Laval from Vienna close contract on business-technical cooperation. Since then, partners jointly appear in the global market in designing and building dairy plants and equipping technological lines, and in 1987 they build dairy plant in Krasnodarsk in Russia.